Code of Conduct

The Bloomberg Live event code of conduct is intended to outline the expectations for professional decorum at our events. Bloomberg Live prides itself with creating an environment of kindness and mutual respect, a place where all participants are able to engage on important topics in global business, finance and society

This code of conduct is in effect for all virtual, hybrid and in-person events, may be revised at any time and is not negotiable.

  • All event participants are expected to behave in a professional manner and in accordance with local laws and regulations with regard to workplace behavior.
  • Harassment will not be tolerated in any form, including but not limited to harassment based on gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, religion or any other status protected by laws in which the conference or program is being held.
  • Bloomberg reserves the right to exclude any individual from participation in any event, or expel any individual currently in attendance in any event, who engages in unprofessional, disruptive or harassing behavior.
  • Event participants are expected to be honest and transparent with one another in their interactions with other participants with regard to the participant’s name, title, company, and business intention during networking opportunities throughout the event.
  • Registrations are subject to acceptance and availability by Bloomberg Live, to be confirmed by email after completion of the registration form, the fee (if applicable) and anything else required by Bloomberg Live. The acceptance of registrations are at the sole discretion of Bloomberg Live and may be revoked at any time.
  • If you represent a security risk or fail to comply with Bloomberg Live’s terms, you may be ejected from or refused entry to the event.
  • You accept that the event may be filmed and distributed across Bloomberg branded media platforms and photographs of attendees may be taken and distributed.
  • You can make reasonable video or audio recordings and take photographs at the event, for your own personal use. You may not use recordings for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Bloomberg Live. Materials distributed by Bloomberg Live may not be distributed by attendees without Bloomberg Live’s prior written permission.
  • If you have any special access requirements, please email By including special categories of personal data, such as health data, you consent to Bloomberg processing this data in accordance with our privacy policy.
  • Bloomberg Live is not responsible or liable for any views or content given at any event by speakers or panelists. Bloomberg Live is not responsible or liable for any loss of profit or business in relation to these terms and conditions.
  • Please contact with any questions about these terms.
  • Conference agendas are correct when going to press, but content and speakers may change.