Help & Support supports most major browsers and devices. However, in order to ensure full functionality, below is a list of browsers that is fully supported.

Supported browser versions

Google Chrome (latest stable version)

Firefox (latest stable version)

Microsoft Edge (latest stable version)

Safari on iOS (latest iOS)

Chrome on Android (Android 8 and above)

Safari on MacOS (latest stable version)

What if my browser is not on the list?

If you are using a browser or browser version that is not listed, might work anyway but we cannot guarantee full functionality.
Hence, if you are experiencing an issue, we recommend that you update to a supported browser version.

What is a stable version?

A stable release is an official release that has been tested as thoroughly as possible and is as reliable as possible.
This is necessary to keep up with security, compatibility and functionality.
A good resource for finding the latest stable version is Wikipedia, that also lists version history.

If you are experiencing any problems watching the live stream,
please try this trouble shooting advice:

Close Unnecessary Applications

If too many applications are running, your computer speed can be compromised, which can affect your viewing experience.
Close down any unnecessary applications before connecting to the webcast.

Restart Your Browser and Limit Open Tabs

If your browser has been open for a long time or it’s open with multiple tabs, your computer speed may be compromised.
Restarting your browser should resolve this issue.

Conserve Your Bandwidth

For most users available bandwidth is dependent on the overall consumption within your network at home or work.
Limit or turn off any unnecessary internet connections if bandwidth is a problem.
The video stream is adaptive to available bandwidth so may switch to a different stream quality.


If you are still having issues please contact us at